In 1920, shooting and hunting enthusiasts Charles Davis and William Harnden Foster invented skeet shooting. Informally labeled as “shooting around the clock,” evolved into a competitive shooting event in 1923 and became a full-fledged national sporting event in 1926. Derived from the Norwegian term that means “shoot,” the word “skeet” was the winning entry in the $100 name the new sports contest initiated by the National Sportsman and Hunting and Fishing magazine. The first National Skeet Championship also took place in the same year. After almost half a century since its inception in the world of sports, a special variant became an official event in the prestigious Olympic Games.


Skeet Shooting as a Video Game

Today, the sport has established a reputation for being one of the most challenging and sought out shotgun competitions on the planet. With that said, not everyone has access to the sport. Some of the reasons include the lack of shooting ranges in the area, access to equipment, and age restriction. Nevertheless, if you want to explore or get an overview of the sport, then, video games like the highly acclaimed game are your next best option. Not only is it safe but it also will not cost you anything as well. So what are you waiting for? Check out the game today and take your first step towards the competitive world of skeet shooting.


Skeet Shooting 3D hails from the studios of TerranDroid known for their work on the highly-downloaded Archery Master 3D and Pool Billiards Pro. If you know those titles, then you know already know what to expect in terms of quality. However, for those new to the brand, TerranDroid specializes in developing sports-themed video game simulations with realistic physics. Unlike other sports video game developers, the games by TerranDroid does not have fancy cinematics and menus. Nevertheless, the games they produce come with a straightforward gameplay structure that allows the player to jump into the action in just a click of a button. Even better is the in-game physics that perfectly mimics the real thing. With that said, expect these features in the free game download including the ones listed below.


Realistic HD Graphics

What Skeet Shooting 3D lacks in cinematic intros and presentation it makes up for in gameplay structure and mechanics. This is where the realistically rendered graphics come into play. The Graphics engine is not merely for aesthetic purposes that affect the playability of the game.

With that said, TerranDroid uses the same or an improved version of its graphics engine in the development of the game. This means, that you get to experience the same if not improved realistic graphics seen in their 100-million-download titles. Even more exciting is the decent selection of venues just waiting for the player to explore. Not to mention the addition of bullet time effects similar to those featured in sniper games.


User-Friendly Controls

Controls or the main control scheme is another important element for any shooting game. Controls affect accuracy, which is essential to most if not all shooting games, a lousy control scheme, will make even the best player look bad and the game unplayable. Then there’s latency which also influences the outcome of reflex-based shooting games.

With that said, it does not only come with user-friendly controls but with low latency as well. By focusing on these two elements, the developers were able to produce a game that will provide the player near-realistic gameplay unique to the free-to-play genre.


A Plethora of Skeet Shooting Challenges

Despite the title, is not entirely focused on skeet shooting alone. Right off the bat, players will go into various levels designed to calibrate their controls, practice their aim, and test their reflex. These levels appear in the early stages of the game, think of it as an unorthodox tutorial system.

As impressive as that may be, it is not even the half of it, as the game comes with a diverse collection of over a hundred challenges just waiting for a challenger. Explore the firing range and test your shotgun accuracy skills today.


Easy to Learn, Challenging to Master

Skeet Shooting 3D is a game that’s easy to learn but challenging to master. The game is easy to learn due to the integration of a user-friendly and low-latency control scheme. Nevertheless, the wide selection of challenges makes the game challenging; In other words, expect a challenging surprise at every level. To that end, if you are looking for a free-to-play shooting simulation worthy of that precious space on your desktop, then, look no further. Get it today and challenge your family and friends.

Skeet Shooting 3D is a great shooting simulation to check out for both veteran and new fans of shooting sports. The game provides an interactive overview not only on Skeet Shooting but on the other disciplines as well. The best part is that the game comes free of charge which is a steal given the features of the game.But that’s not all, because there are even more Sports Games for you to download and play like Golf Clash and Archery Master 3D!

Game Features

  • High Definition Graphics
  • Realistic Physics and User-Friendly Controls
  • A Plethora of Challenges
  • Free-to-Play
  • … And so much more!

Check out these game screenshots.

Skeet Shooting Screenshot
Skeet Shooting Screenshot